The Finnish Kidney and Liver Association

The Finnish Kidney and Liver Association is a nationwide patient and non-governmental organization. The association supports the wellbeing of those with kidney and liver diseases and who have received organ transplants and their families and loved ones and promotes their rights.  The association provides information on kidney and liver diseases and their prevention.

The association's central office is located in Helsinki and there are regional offices in Tampere, Kuopio and Oulu. There are 6000 members in 19 member associations. The members are those with kidney and liver diseases, their families and loved ones, health care professionals and other interested parties.

In a member association you can meet others who have gone through the same experiences. Anyone interested in the activities of the association may become a member. Becoming a member of the association is the best way to support its activities and goals.  Volunteer work improves your own wellbeing as well as that of your family and loved ones and also promotes solidarity. The association's recreational events combine entertainment and benefit. The association offers friendship and a place to act together in moments of major life changes.

Kidney and liver diseases affect tens of thousands of Finns in one way or another. The association does advocacy work in order that all the patients have equal access to treatment, rehabilitation, organ transplantation, and social participation. The association promotes organ donation and transplant activities.Adapting to the disease requires knowledge and learning a new way of life.  The life change calls for new ways to cope with everyday life. The association supports rehabilitation, organises adaptation training courses and provides advice on social security. It organizes more than 20 adaptation courses annually for people of different ages and in different stages of the disease. It also offers guidance and advice to patients on social security issues. 

The association distributes reliable information on kidney and liver diseases and their treatment, as well as information concerning organ transplants. The association's communication promotes the prevention of diseases, raises awareness about kidney and liver diseases and reduces prejudices against people suffering from these diseases.

The Finnish Kidney and Liver Association provides peer support and offers the opportunity for people to share experiences. Peer support is volunteer work to help family and loved ones. It helps kidney and liver patients and transplant recipients and their families to cope with the different stages of the disease.

Family action supports the daily lives of families with ill children. Care assistance for families with children waiting for a transplant is available through the association. The Association also organizes activities for adolescents and young adults.

The magazine Elinehto is sent to members of the associations, i.e., kidney and liver patients and their family members as well as to healthcare and social welfare professionals.  Distribution also includes hospitals, dialysis units and health stations. The issue with the insert for physicians is sent to all internists, nephrologists, surgeons and pediatricians as well as to chief medical officers in primary health care.

Superherokidney is fighting – Protect it from enemies

Kidneys are the forgotten superheroes of our body. Most of us give a thought every now and when to the heart or liver, but the well-being of the kidneys are overlooked far too often.

The kidneys can take a lot, you can even donate one to somebody else but even the superhero meet its limits at some point. Do protect your kidneys by living healthy: exercise, reduce salt, stop smoking.

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The Power Liver

The Power Liver is the ultimate DIY of the body. The To-Do list is ever growing, the need for multitasking never-ending. Not even the best can do it alone.

The Power Liver does its best, it hides its distress. As the cracks begin to show you might be running out of time – the signs of a liver disease become visible first when the liver is already damaged. Be a good team leader. Take care of your liver before it´s too late.

Overweight and alcohol can damage the liver. Medication, herbal medicines or supplements and poisonous mushrooms can be of danger. The viral hepatitis may lurk around the corner. Ease the work load of your liver: avoid overweight, reduce alcohol, exercise and administrate right amount of medicine.

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Sari Högström
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Hanna Eloranta
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